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VITIS Eminent



The white blend VITIS is made from the best grapes from terraced vineyards. Chardonnay imparts structure and fullness to the blend, Sauvignon adds a varietal character which is a result of selection, soil and microclimate, whereas Sauvignon Vert brings its extracted aromas. The result is a harmonious blend.

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Vert.
Wine region: Goriška brda - Slovenia
Soil: flysch of Eocene origin (marl and sandstone), the soil is rich in minerals.
Vineyard orientation: S
Altitude: 80 m
Vine training: single Guyot
Grape harvest: early September, hand harvesting of selected grapes at full ripeness. Gentle handling of grapes and must.
Cold maceration: 18 hours.
Fermentation: in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Each variety is fermented in a separate tank.
Maturing: 30 % three months in barrique barrels and four months in stainless steel tanks, each variety matures separately. 70 % seven months in stainless steel tanks, each variety matures separately. Maturing continues after bottling.
Sugar level: dry
Bottle and packaging: Bordolese EUROPEA 0,75 l/cardboard box of 12 bottles

Serving temperature: 12 °C
Description: Crystal, golden yellow in colour. The bouquet is fresh and persistent. Ripe apples and pears with a hint of citrus and almonds on the palate. Juicy and fresh taste with mineral notes. Structural and complex wine with pleasant acidity. A full fruity aftertaste.

Food pairing
Appetizers: raw seafood dishes
Appetizers: seafood pasta, dishes with white truffles
Appetizers: vegetable soups
Vegetable plate: asparagus
Fish and shellfish: grilled plaice, lobster
Meat: young chicken, pork tenderloin
Red meat: boiled beef
Red meat: veal medallions in orange cream, veal roast
Cheese: semi-mature cheeses

VITIS Eminent   Blend with the maturing capability of 5 years or more, in bottles. Over the years of ageing, the rich structure and harmony of aromas grow in complexity, elegance and bouquet. The wine remains fresh and deep with a fullness of taste and vitality thanks to the micro-terroir and the natural production methods.



1 bronze

White wine. Dry wine.
Soil:flysch of Eocene origin (marl and sandstone).  Select locations and grapes - micro terroir.
Maceration: 12 hours.
Fermentation: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature.
Maturing: 8 months in stainless steel tanks.

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