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Chardonnay – Sauvignon – Sauvignon Vert



Made from selected, best grapes Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Sauvignon Vert grown in a terraced, time-proven location. Adequate climate and soil composition.
Special occasion wine with excellent structure.

Grape variety: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Sauvignon Vert
Wine region: Goriška brda - Slovenia
Soil: flysch of Eocene origin (marl and sandstone), the soil is rich in minerals.
Vineyard exposure: SE
Vineyard altitude: 130 m
Vine training: single Guyot
Grape harvest: September, at full ripeness. Hand harvesting of selected grapes. Gentle handling of grapes and must.
Barrels: Barriques, made to our order from Slovenian acacia and oak, selection.
Maceration: 20 hours in stainless steel tanks on the skins at 12 ° C. Pressing in a pneumatic press and subsequent transfer of each variety separately to new barrique and acacia barrels.
Fermentation: 20 days in new 225 –Litre oak barrels (barrique) and new 225 – Litre acacia barrels, each variety is fermented in separate barrels. The wine is fermented with the grapes own yeast. It then settles on the lees to enhance savouriness, creaminess and maturing potential. Lees stirring is performed daily. 
Maturing: Wine is left to mature naturally in new 225 – Litre oak barrels (barrique) and new 225 - Litre acacia barrels for a year and a half. Lees stirring is performed weekly. In this way, the wine acquires and retains the natural aromas. After tasting, the wines are blended to combine Cuvee MUSE GOLD. Maturing continues after bottling. Tertiary aromas will develop over the years to come.
Sugar level: dry
Bottle and packaging: Bordolese GOLIA 0.75l / 6 bottle boxes.

Serving temperature: 12° C
We recommend opening the bottle about one hour prior to tasting the wine. The aroma is fully developed through the process of decanting.
Description: Crystal, golden yellow colour. With longer maturing, it acquires amber hues. Fine, intense, and noble scent. Complex aromas of ripe citrus, acacia blossom, lily, strawberry, lemon jam, and dried apricot gradually give way to the aromas of roasted dried fruit, hazelnut, honey and caramel. Ripe tropical fruit aromas are wrapped in sage and basil while deliciously spicy sensations of white pepper and ginger complete the bouquet. A structured and persistent wine with a sophisticated flavour. A dry, unique, and mineral wine. Full body. A rich blend with a noble aftertaste.

Great potential for bottle maturing.

Food pairing
Appetizers: lobster with white truffles, fruit
Appetizers: cream brodet stew with mixed seashells
Appetizers: fresh salmon, parmesan, and artichokes
Pasta: with white ragout, porcini, white truffles
Vegetable plate: artichokes, courgettes, peppers
Fish: turbot, red scorpion fish, red snapper
White meat: guinea fowl, rabbit with dry fruit
Main dishes: eggs with truffles and asparagus, veal roast
Game: oven roasted pheasant, quail in wine sauce
Cheese: full-fat creamy cheeses, mature piquant cheeses

MUSE GOLD Cuvee reaches its peak expression in the first ten years and then, under the right bottle-storing conditions, exceed fifteen years or more.

MUSE GOLD Cuvee with a bottle ageing potential of fifteen years and more. The rich structure and harmony of the aromas acquire complexity, elegance, and bouquet with ageing.
Thanks to a highly suitable micro-terroir and natural production methods, the wine remains fresh, fruity, and full of flavour and vitality.



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